You’ve met a girl, and you like her. She seems to really like you too. But then, she starts acting weirdly and guards you too closely. 

She always wants you to be with her and is afraid that other girls will be your Perth escorts to try to steal you away from her. This is a classic sign of jealousy, and it’s not always healthy in a relationship. 

However, if this happens to be someone new that you’re dating, it can seem like an eternity before she finally lets go of all this possessive behaviour. Others might even convince her that all men are cheaters who don’t deserve loyalty from their partners. 

So what to do about this situation? Here are some signs that might indicate your lady friend has become overzealous with being jealous lately:

She Asks About The Other Girls You’ve Dated

When it comes to dating and relationships, every girl has her insecurities. She might worry that you’re dating other girls or have a type. If you talk about your past relationships with her, she might ask questions about why things didn’t work out or if there was any jealousy involved on the part of the exes.

This is because simple insecurity drives people to find out as much information as possible about their partner’s past relationships so they can feel better about themselves. 

Suppose your girlfriend feels insecure about herself and jealous of your past. In that case, asking these types of questions makes sense as it may reassure her that she’s different from those women. 

She Is Afraid Of Your Exes

If the girl you are dating is afraid of your exes, it could mean one of two things:

She’s overly jealous. She might worry that they will be able to lure you away from her if they were to try hard enough. She doesn’t want them to be part of your life because she wants all of your attention focused solely on her. 

She has trust issues. It causes her fear that all women, including friends and coworkers, will be your other lady friend. 

She Wants To Meet Everyone

When you’re dating someone jealous and insecure about the relationship, they might ask when you plan on introducing them as your girlfriend to your family and friends. She wants everyone else to know how serious things are between the two of you to keep other girls away. 

Jealousy Leads To Controlling Behaviour 

Being too jealous often results in controlling behaviour, which can be very damaging for a relationship. A controlling partner will try to dictate every aspect of their partner’s life, like who they talk to, even on social media. This kind of control makes it difficult for their mate to develop any independence over their own life, which is essential for any healthy relationship.

In Conclusion

When jealousy is intense and persistent, it can become an issue in your relationship. Even though jealousy can be a normal part of being in love with someone, it’s important to recognize when it’s getting out of hand so you can deal with it before it gets worse.